wake up in a world of natural work

Morning Strategy

a work design agency
based in Toronto, Canada

making sense of complex work

Coda builders
& trainers

our purpose

+ putting the people back into
                     "people spend 1/3 of their lives at work"

+ cultivating organizational learning and wellbeing through autonomous and asynchronous work

+ redesigning organizations around people, with positive interactions as the primary material of work

+ building healthy org practices by surfacing & activating processes and translating knowledge into action

Who does the work

Andy Farnsworth

a weirdo for: systems & solutions

obsesses over: knowledge & process management

history: 10 yrs in strategy, policy, transformation

the social proof section, aka
'people saying things about us'

In 2 hours, we built a fully functional MVP in Coda. I'd call that a productive Sunday morning....
Nick Sonnenberg, CEO
Meetings with Andy are my favorite of the week. I love turning abstract strategies into practical tools together.
Kurt Brenkus, CEO & Founder
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